Antique Mirror Reproductions

|Ref#MR-GS81 | Ref#MR-B29 | Ref#MR-G77|


ٍٍA handsome French late 18th century Rocaille Louis XV style hand sculpted giltwood pier pillar enttrance mirror,

The mirror is available in gilt and silvered wooden frames with French gold, silver foils and richened with patina in addition to aged silver finishing as displayed,

This unique tall and narrow shaped mirror has a straight giltwood frame with a finely carved inner small Coeur de Rai border,

At the serpentine top is an impressive carved reserve of C scrolled Rcoaille works and acanthus leaves and shells. The moulded sides have a rich acanthus paneling and extended to each corner with a large acanthus leaf 'C' scroll with a shell. The prominent manifestation of Rococo and Rocaille art.

Ref#MR-GS81 | Ref#MR-B29 | Ref#MR-G77

177-55-8 cm

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