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François Linke 19th century Louis XV upholstered interior Demi Lune display Cabinet

Ref#C-923 | Description

An elegant 19th century French Louis XV style gilt-ormolu-mounted veneer inlaid upholstered interior Demi Lune shaped display Cabinet after the model by François Linke,

Raised on four cabriole legs adorned with C scrolling ormolu acanthus turned sabots and topped with masterfully etched ormolu chutes of blossoming volutes. The scalloped shaped frieze amidst legs ornamented with three striking ormolu mounts of anthemion issuing scrolling acanthus leaves on a veneered background bordered with delicate filet,

At the center are three doors and one drawer, the central door is sans-traverse quarter veneer inlaid within a filet and external ormolu border topped with richly chased ormolu ribbon-tied swaging blossoming floral garlands and ormolu keyhole escutcheon, surmounted by a veneer inlaid drawer with lyre shaped ormolu handles and ormolu encadrement, flanked with very fine ormolu laurel suspending pendants,

The remarkable curved displaying glass doors on right and left are exquisitely adorned with ormolu border with richly chiseled scrolling acanthus foliage at the bottom and ribbon tied swaging blossoming floral suspending garlands in satin and burnished finish with keyhole escutcheon, the doors open to an upholstered interior with one glass shelf,

At the top rests the eared demi lune shaped moulded marble top.


117 x 44 x 102 cm

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