Antique Mirror Reproductions

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ٍٍSumptuous and Sensational large Louis XV Rococo style Pier Grand Pillar Mirror, hand carved with Rococo and Rocaille elements, painted in blanc de plomb finish and patinated,

The mirror is available as well in full gilding with French gold foils 18th carat with patina and other style of ornate carvings applied on the top panel, center and bottom as displayed.

The top is crested with rocaille scrolled acanthus blossoming motifs surmounting a main figure of delicate gesso female figure hand carved in extreme beauty, surrounded with olive branches, with a background finished in an elegant beige color, surrounded with pearl border,

The large beveled mirror plate inset a concave moulded frame ornate with rococo moldings and internal pearls border, terminating with C scrolled pierced acanthus leaves on shell on each corner.

Ref# MR-AS55 | Ref#MR-AS56 | Ref#MR-AS57 | Ref#MR-GL91

177-55-18 / 8 cm

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